Rose Gin

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Discover our Secret Garden Rose Gin

In our new 70cl bespoke bottle.

Nose: Potpourri
Taste: Turkish delight 
Finish: Hints of brown sugar 

One of the perfect gifts for gin lovers. Hand harvested Apothecary Rose petals are distilled and blended with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root and Winter Savory to create a gin that is reminiscent of Summer. Hints of Turkish Delight, with rich creamy brown sugar notes, make this an elegant Gin to savour at 40% ABV. At 40% ABV we feel we get the perfect balance of flavour and aroma and a better mouthfeel.

Secret Garden Gins are lovingly crafted using 100% natural ingredients. There are no added sugars, artificial colourings, flavourings or additives….just nature distilled.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Added Sugars, Artificial Colourings & Flavourings
  • Hand Harvested & Dried Naturally

Perfect Serve: Rose Gin is best served with light tonic and a raspberry and mint garnish.

Awards: Winner of the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2018
Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018 – Silver Medal , International Wine & Spirit Competition 2022 - Silver Medal.

Discover the magic of nature today. Please drink responsibly.

Rose Gin FAQs

What is Rose Gin?

Rose gin is a type of gin that is infused during the distillation with rose petals from our Garden. Rose gin is a refreshing, summery spirit that is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into cocktails of choice. Rose gin pairs especially well with citrus and fruity flavours, and can be used in a variety of drinks. So whether you're making a refreshing Gin and Tonic or a tasty Martini, our rose gin is a delicious option that is sure to please!

Our original formulation of the Apothecary Rose gin created a pink gin using petals added after the distillation to create an all-natural colour. However after feedback from our customers about the fading of the colour over time we took the opportunity to create a crystal clear gin in our new bottle with our beautiful rose artwork.

What Does Rose Gin Taste Like?

Our Rose gin is often described as having a floral & fragrant taste. Sweet tasting, gin lovers often appreciate the subtlety of our rose gin's flavour.

What’s the Difference Between Gin and Pink Gin?

Gin is made from it’s main ingredient juniper berries, while pink gin is made from a wide range of different fruits and spices. Gin is typically described as having a botanical flavour, while pink gin is typically much sweeter and fruitier. Gin is typically distilled, while pink gin is usually infused with flavours. And finally, gin typically has a higher alcohol content than pink gin.

Another difference is how gin and pink gin are differently prepared. Gin is typically distilled, while pink gin is infused with flavours. This means that the flavour of pink gin can vary depending on what type of fruit or spice is used in the infusion process.

Hand Harvested Gin | Natural Gin

Why Choose Us?

Each of our gins are created using or inspired by botanicals that we grow in our very own Distillery Garden. Every bottle contains specially chosen botanicals, utilising the plants essence to magically create unique tasting gin full of natural flavours and aromas with no preservatives, sugars, colourings or flavourings.

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What our customers say


Such an attractive bottle, great flavours in the gin and it made a really lovely gift... It was also dispatched very quickly.


Excellent purchase, will definitely buy again. Customer service was great they answered all my questions and went the extra mile for my friends birthday.