Our Roots

"The future of the earth and the beauty it beholds is at the forefront of everything we create, it is why we began our journey and why we do what we do, so we can showcase the true magic of nature."
- Hamish Martin, Founding Director

In 2012, Hamish & his wife Liberty bought a derelict plot of land outside Edinburgh, and in just a short time they have developed the most astonishing Secret Herb Garden. The couple’s dream was to create a green space that allowed people to wander freely and enjoy the subtle magic that nature has to offer. 

The Garden is 100% natural, we use no chemicals whatsoever, only using plants to heal plants. The botanicals are lovingly cared for by the team of gardeners and each herb is carefully selected due it is medicinal properties. For example, we are the largest grower of the Apothecary Rose in the UK, the only medicinal rose.

Nature is Hamish’s passion and the Distillery’s Secret Garden is home to over 600 varieties of plants. View our Nursery plant list.
In order to share his passion and demonstrate the magic of nature, Hamish developed a range of gins to showcase the wonderful natural flavours that can be created from the Garden and their two copper stills – Violet and May. They distil to 39% ABV as they feel this is best for the botanical flavours to harmonise with the gin.

The gin making process is 100% natural and made by hand. The botanicals are hand-harvested and dried naturally to ensure the highest quality.

They are distilled, hand bottled and labelled on site. The Secret Garden gins are lovingly crafted to reflect the artistry of The Secret Garden Distillery and the range includes traditional London Dry styles to more contemporary compounded gins.
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