Our Roots

"Our garden is a haven of peace and tranquility and inspires all that we do"

The Secret Garden Distillery showcases the magic of nature and the unique flavours found here. The Secret Garden itself is home to a wide range of hand-harvested botanicals which have been used in and inspired the flavours of our gins. Our Garden is the heart of our distillery. Founded on a derelict plot in 2012, the garden was transformed into a secret oasis, providing an escape from city life.

  • Today the family-owned distillery continues to use sustainable practices throughout its production and processes. Remaining committed to creating a premium gin that is all-natural and inspired by the distillery gardens. Home to 600 varieties of plants that we harvest on site to be included in our gins. Where providence is at the heart of everything, from seed to sip.

  • This is evident at every stage in the production of our gins from the way we grow, and hand harvest our botanicals to the way our gins are packaged.

  • Our Secret Garden gins are lovingly crafted using 100% natural ingredients to produce a natural Scottish gin.

  • Our garden is completely natural, we use no chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, and use only peat-free organic compost to ensure no chemicals touch our soil and to reduce our impact on carbon emissions.

Our Garden allows us to enjoy the subtle magic that nature has to offer and provides us with the inspiration to create magical gins from "seed to sip". 

In order to share our passion for nature we have developed a range of gins to showcase the flavours and colours that can be created from nature. Our two copper stills – Violet and May produce our liquid and we then dilute to 39% ABV as we feel this is best for the botanical flavours to harmonise with the gin.

The Secret Garden gins are lovingly crafted to reflect our passion. The Secret Garden Distillery produces the finest quality gins, using 100% natural products.   The Garden itself is home to a wide range of hand harvested botanicals which have been used in some products and inspired the flavours of others. 

The gin is distilled, hand bottled and labelled on site. Our  range includes traditional London Dry styles to more contemporary compounded gins.

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