How We Make Our Gin

"I graduated in Brewing & Distilling from Heriot-Watt University in June 2018 and have working at The Secret Garden Distillery ever since. Both the stills arrived the day I did, and we’ve got to know each other pretty well over the last three years!"  - Mark Boswell, Head Distiller

Our gin-making process begins with putting ethanol into our still and then adding Juniper berries into the liquid. All other botanicals, such as, Coriander and Angelica Root are crushed, added to a muslin bag suspended inside the still and vapour-infused to produce our base gin. Depending on the recipe, most of the additional botanicals are added at this stage too; our garden contains many wonderful plants and one of the best parts of the process is experimenting with new flavours and styles. It can take a few tweaks to get a recipe right; once it’s locked down to our satisfaction, distillation can properly begin.


The spirit comes out at around 79% abv and is slowly diluted to the required strength using water and constant agitation. In the case of our Secret Garden Apothecary Rose Gin, we add our beautiful, hand-harvested roses to the base to infuse with colour, then separately distil the petals, then add them to the mix as distilled waters for additional flavour. A London Dry style such as our Wild gin has nothing added after distillation; all botanicals are in the still from the beginning.

Once distillation and the infusion are complete, a panel of tasters will check for colour, aroma and flavour. Once the gin has been approved, it is transferred to the production team in the warehouse for bottling, labelling and shipping.

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