Imogen Armstrong owner of Secret Garden Distillery picking grapes for our Pinot Noir Gin

Our Harvest Party - 2023 Edition


As the months change from summer to autumn the Secret Garden Distillery focus on their last crucial harvest. In our Glasshouse we grow 3 varieties of grapes: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay and in September the Distillery invited a select group of leading on-trade brands to their first ever Harvest Party where the team could introduce their latest gin made with the Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes.

Pinot Noir grape harvesting at the Secret Garden Distillery for their Pinot Noir GinRevellers at the Harvest Party at the Secret Garden Distillery

Mark Boswell, the Distiller - our Head Alchemist as we like to call him explained how the Pinot Noir Gin is made and roped the guests into helping bring in the harvest which will be used for the 2025 vintage. As Mark explained to the guests “the grapes we are picking now will steep in gin for 12 months before we are ready to craft the liquid into something really special. That’s a year of patient infusion and refinement resulting in a gin that marries the essence of grapes with the spirit of gin”.

 Secret Garden Distillery's Head Alchemist explains the magic of the Pinot Noir Gin

The Pinot Noir Gin undergoes meticulous racking, settling, and multiple filtrations to deliver a liquid ready for the Secret Garden’s team of discerning palates. What sets it apart? Daniel reveals “The delicate hue is entirely natural, derived from the grape jus. Unlike other red and black grape varieties, Pinot Noir grapes impart a unique subtlety that shines through in every sip. This year we decided that 46% ABV is the sweet spot for this year’s liquid.”

The guests sampled various classic cocktails made with the Pinot Noir gin and everyone agreed the Negroni which was also paired with a Secret Garden Vermouth produced especially for the party was a real winner. You can find the recipe here. Another success was our No Way, Rose cocktail that we created especially for our guests with the gin and Prosecco and you can find the recipe here.

Pinot Noir Negroni gin cocktailNo Way Rose Gin and Prosecco luxury cocktail served at the Secret Garden Distillery Harvest Party for their Pinot Noir Gin

To fully appreciate the magic of the Pinot Noir Gin a number of our customers on our socials have recommended drinking it neat or over ice.

Imogen and Isobel, our owners, wanted to thank everyone that attended our first ever Harvest Party. After 14 months at the distillery, we couldn’t have imagined that we would have achieved everything we have or be standing where we are. We are so thankful to everyone who joined us on the night to celebrate the harvest of our 2023 Grapes (which are now enjoying their yearlong soak in our gin for the 2025 release) and for the continued support in some of the coolest bars around Edinburgh.

In addition, Bar Magazine came to help and gave us a lovely write up here.

Thanks to the bars who currently stock us and came to the party.....

  • Fingal
  • The Kitchin 
  • Kora 
  • Nauticus 
  • Hoot the Redeemer 
  • Panda & Sons
  • Bramble 
  • The Black Grape 
  • Herringbone Abbeyhill 
  • Good Brothers Wine Bar 
  • The Last Word 
  • Voodoo Rooms & Carte Blanche 
  • Royal Mile Whiskies - Duggie Liddle 
  • The Raeburn 
  • Tollhouse

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