Pinot Noir Gin Negroni

Pinot Noir Gin Negroni

Our illustration comes from the latest Cocktail Menu at Fingal Edinburgh where you can try this beautiful Barrel-aged Negroni made using the Secret Garden Distillery's newest Pinot Noir Gin. Using grapes from our Glasshouse harvest in 2021, steeped for 12 months in our luxury base gin, this is a gin for wine-lovers as well as gin-lovers.


  • 25ml Pinot Noir Gin (46% ABV) 
  • 25ml Campari
  • 25ml Vermouth

Once you've got your ingredients;

  1. Stir over ice, strain
  2. Rocks Glass, Large ice cube
  3. Garnish: Orange peel

Here at Secret Garden Distillery, we are fond of Negroni's but made with our Pinot Noir Gin is truly something special. A Negroni is a sweet and slightly bitter-tasting drink that’s reminiscent of an aperitif but packs a huge punch. It’s perfect as a cocktail pre- or during dinner, as the bitter notes highlight the flavours of food very well.

Buy our 50cl Pinot Noir Gin here and let us know what you think!