If you can't find the answer to your question please email us here.


Do we ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, we currently only deliver within mainland UK however our partners at Royal Mile Whiskies can ship internationally, you can find their shop here.


Can you visit our distillery? 

Our distillery tours are re-opening on the weekend of 22nd May and you can book on our online store. 

If you are just looking to come to our gardens then the Secret Herb Garden Cafe & Shop is open everyday 10am-4pm. 


You've signed up to a gin club subscription but you haven't had your first box yet? 

Our gin clubs subscriptions are sent out every week so once you have signed up, please wait 5-7 working days for your first box to arrive.

Example: Order placed on a Tuesday, your first box arrives will arrive the following Tuesday. 


You were given a gin club voucher and can't see where to redeem it?

If you have a gin club voucher please email info@secretgardendistillery.co.uk to activate your subscription.


You are subscribed to our Gin Club but you are unable to log into your account? 

We have recently changed websites and so previous customers will be unable to log into their accounts until the switch has been completed. If you have questions please email info@secretgardendistillery.co.uk and we will send you information so you are able to access your account.