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World Gin Day: Celebrating the Transformation of The Secret Garden Distillery

Hello! As World Gin Day approaches (8th June), we at Secret Garden Distillery are excited to share some fantastic updates with you. This celebration of all things gin is the perfect time to reflect on our journey and the strides we've made to enhance our products and practices. This year, we have been proud to unveil our new bottle design and highlight our unwavering commitment to sustainability.
The New Bottle: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation
Our new bottle design is more than just a visual upgrade. Every element of our garden has played a pivotal role in shaping the final design. But that’s not all – we’re also excited to showcase the incredible sustainable factors, that have been seamlessly integrated into new bottle.
Secret Garden Distillery presents sustainable new bottle
Key Features of Our New Bottle:
  1. Elegance Meets Functionality: The new design is sleek and elegant, capturing the essence of Secret Garden Distillery. It’s not just about looks; the bottle is also designed for better grip and ease of pouring, making your gin experience even more enjoyable.
  2. Eco-Friendly Materials: In line with our sustainability goals, the new bottle is made from 70% recyclable glass. We've minimized the use of plastics and opted for sustainably sourced cork stoppers and labels that are FSC certified, and use UPM Raflatac Forest Film, which uses 100% renewable wood-based raw materials.
  3. A Nod to Nature: The intricate design on the bottle is inspired by the natural beauty of our Secret Garden, where we hand-harvest the botanicals that give our gin its unique flavour and aroma profiles.
Striving for Sustainability: Our Ongoing Commitment
Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at Secret Garden Distillery; it's a core value that influences every decision we make. Here’s how we’re continuously improving our practices to ensure a greener future:
  1. Sustainable Sourcing: We grow many of our botanicals in our garden, ensuring they are free from pesticides and grown using sustainable practices. For those we can’t grow ourselves, we source from suppliers who share our commitment to the environment.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Our distillation process has been optimised to reduce energy consumption. Including the establishment of a Midlothian Council-funded borehole at their garden site.
  3. Waste Reduction: We have implemented a comprehensive waste management system. Organic waste from our botanical garden is composted and returned to the earth, while other waste materials are meticulously recycled. We estimate that this shift will result in an annual reduction of 9% in carbon emissions, contributing to our overall sustainability objectives.
  4. Community Initiatives: We’re not just focused on what happens within our distillery. We are planning on actively participate in local environmental initiatives in the near future, contributing to the broader goal of environmental conservation.
Looking Ahead
As we celebrate World Gin Day, we’re filled with gratitude for the support of our loyal customers and the dedication of our team. Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and we’re committed to finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact while delivering the exceptional gin you know and love.
We invite you to join us in celebrating this special day by raising a glass of your favourite Secret Garden gin. Here’s to innovation, sustainability, and the perfect gin experience!
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Secret Garden Distillery. Together, let’s make every day a little greener.

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