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Isobel describes rationale behind our new bottle

A blog from our co-owner and Commercial Director Isobel Armstrong.....

As I am sure everyone has already seen, The Secret Garden Distillery launched our new bottle this month! ✨ I was lucky enough to sit down with Bar Magazine UK for their April issue to discuss the strategy behind this redesign and what it means for the distillery moving forward.

Imogen and I, as young women leading our distillery, wanted a bottle that represented us: the launch of our brand-new bespoke 70 cl bottle is a true testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation in the spirits industry.

Our redesigned bottle, crafted with 70% recycled glass content made at Verallia UK, not only increases our value perception but also enhances our sustainability credentials throughout its lifecycle. Working alongside David Jenkins this new design perfectly communicates our story—a blend of nature's beauty and modern craftsmanship. With this new design, we aim to elevate our brand, making it a serious contender in the market.

The feedback has been phenomenal—our customers love the new look and feel. By optimizing our value chain, we've managed to enhance margins while offering more value per ml. This redesign is not just about aesthetics; it's about aligning our brand with what our customers expect from a premium gin experience.

Moreover, we've significantly reduced our carbon footprint with this new bottle—70% recycled glass, UK-based suppliers, and FSC-certified labels demonstrate our dedication to sustainability.

🥂 Here's to innovation, sustainability, and the journey ahead! Discover more about our story and our new bottle in our recent feature with Bar Magazine pages 58 -59.

Bar Magazine April 2024 featured an interview with Isobel Armstrong about Secret Garden Distillery new bottle

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