Recognition as a Buy Women Built business

Recognition as a Buy Women Built business

Being a Women-Owned business means that our days are busy, challenging and a lot more fun. And we are not just women-owned. 67% of our management team are women and 63% of our workforce are women.

We are now a part of BUY WOMEN BUILT, a community platform of other like-minded businesses that support and showcase female-owned companies. In 2022, only 18% of businesses were led by women and BWB want this number to increase each year by highlighting brilliant and innovative women-built brands.

"Making women built brands more visible not only lifts up existing entrepreneurs but also allows the next generation of girls to dream bigger. And the bigger girls dream, the stronger and fairer our economy will be" - Buy Women Built

The picture of our owners shows Kate (Mama) and daughters Isobel and Imogen. We run the Slainte Highland Spirits and The Secret Garden Distillery together, equally. In this blog, Isobel and Imogen want to shine a light on Kate because she did exactly what BWB stands for. She worked her way to the top of her field, became Marketing Director at Admiral and then founded with them in 2002 leaving as CEO after 4 years. As Imogen says' "She inspired us to do the same and helped us foster a culture that aims to encourage collaboration, creativity and strength". 🩵

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