Embracing the Essence of Summer: Introducing Our 2023 Release

Embracing the Essence of Summer: Introducing Our 2023 Release

As the warm embrace of summer envelops us once again, we are thrilled to unveil a refreshing masterpiece that captures the spirit of the season like never before. Our journey to create the perfect summer gin led us on a path of inspiration and innovation, resulting in a concoction that harmoniously blends the rich heritage of Scotland with the vibrant flavors of Australia. Say hello to the newest jewel in our collection: the 2023 Summer Gin!

A Blossoming Idea: From Petals to Perfection

Our previous Summer Gin had already carved a special place in the hearts of gin enthusiasts, with its robust pink hue, floral bouquet, and the delicate essence of summer petals from our beloved Distillery Garden. However, this year, we craved something truly extraordinary, something that would honor our roots while embracing the diverse influences that shape our world.

The dynamic duo of Isobel and Imogen Armstrong, our new owners, breathed fresh life into our pursuit. With a shared vision that blended the Distillery's Scottish heritage and their Antipodean background, we embarked on a creative journey that would redefine the concept of a summer gin.

From Orchard to Glass: A Fusion of Flavors

Drawing inspiration from the pear trees that grace our Garden and Glasshouse, as well as the exotic allure of passionfruit and limes flourishing in the Armstrongs' Australian garden, the concept of our 2023 Summer Gin began to take shape. A slow start to the growing season, courtesy of the whimsical Scottish weather, only served to spark our creativity further. To complement the treasures from our own Garden, we formed an incredible partnership with the iconic Edinburgh establishment, The Pear Tree. Their crop of pear blossoms found their way into our gin, adding a further touch of local magic to the mix.

Imogen sourced the finest passionfruit and limes, which became the heart of our experimentation aided by the recent addition of a state-of-the-art drying room in our Garden (see our Tours).

It was here that our Distiller (or Chief Alchemist as he prefers to be known) fused Scottish pear blossom and air-dried tropical fruits with our unique base gin. The result? A symphony of flavors in a London Dry masterpiece that celebrates the union of our Scottish and Australian heritage.


Described as an "explosion of flavor and aromas," this gin is more than a beverage; it's a sensory journey that invites you to experience the enchanting blend of Scottish elegance and Australian exuberance. Whether enjoyed on its own over ice or in the classic embrace of a gin and tonic, this gin is the epitome of ready-made magic, designed to elevate your summer moments.


So join us in raising a glass to the union of Scottish elegance and Antipodean vibrancy. Let our 2023 Summer Pear blossom and Lime Gin be your companion in creating unforgettable summer memories, one sip at a time.

Cheers to the spirit of exploration, to innovation, and to the boundless joys of summer!

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