Columbines flowering at the Secret Garden Distillery outside Edinburgh

Our Garden in May

The garden is really starting to transform, and we are trying to keep up with it! The aquilegia (Columbine), sweet woodruff and chives are providing the colour in the garden at the moment, taking over from the tulips, lungwort and daffodils of early Spring.

The lawn has gotten its first few cuts of the season and is really enjoying the rain and warmth that we’ve had so far in May. The rest of the garden is also thriving. The sweet woodruff is at its prime at the moment, so is the orange thyme. The glasshouse has fully embraced summer and the pale yellow eyed grass, mallows, borage and vines are all flowering beautifully. The Lemon verbena that we pruned in April has bounced back and put on lots of fresh new growth which smells divine.

In addition to weeding and lawn mowing, we are continuing to sow violas and more tender annuals. In the next few weeks, we will transplant the sunflowers, sweet peas, calendula, dill and hyssop amongst other things that we have growing in the polytunnel. The garden may still look a little bit bare in a few places, but these gaps will soon be filled with colour and growth.

Make sure to taste the different types of mint as you walk around the garden. The swiss, chocolate, pineapple and lavender mints are all waking up now.

Since April the harvest focus has been on nettles, dandelions, sweet woodruff and pear blossom. With the season for these almost passed, we are looking forward to the elderflower, mallows and roses to start properly flowering.


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