Gin Glasses All Gin Lovers Must Own

Gin Glasses All Gin Lovers Must Own

Gin Glasses All Gin Lovers Must Own

Are you a gin lover who takes your gin seriously? If so, you'll want to make sure that you're doing everything you can to ensure that you get the most out of your G&T. Many people, (even gin enthusiasts!) may not realise that having the right gin glass is just as important as having the best gin. From the Secret Garden Distillery team, here's our list of gin glasses every gin enthusiast must own - and no, it's not just any old rocks glass!

1. The Classic Martini Glass

The Classic Martini Glass

Every gin lover needs a classic martini glass for all their favourite concoctions. A classic martini glass has a classic V-shape and is perfect for gin cocktails like the gin martini and gin fizz. Plus, it looks elegant and sophisticated - what gin lover doesn't want that?

These tall, stemmed glasses are perfect for sipping those gin-based cocktails like a real connoisseur. Just don't forget to add the olives!

2. The Coupe Glass

The Coupe Glass

If you're looking for something more glamorous than your standard martini glass, then coupe glasses are what you need! This classic gin glass has a shallow, saucer-like shape and is often associated with celebrations - think Champagne coupes!

These vintage glasses are perfect for gin cocktails served up (without ice) like the French 75 or the Aviator. Plus, they look gorgeous on any bar cart. The classic shape and generous bowl will make any gin-based drink look luxurious, while the wide rim lets you really whiff all the aromas of your gin.

3. The Highball Glass

The Highball Glass

Not all gin drinks need to be sipped - some are meant to be chugged! For gin drinks that are served long, like gin and tonics or gin spritzes, you'll need a highball glass.

These tall glasses have plenty of room for lots of ice and can accommodate those extra-long gin drinks. Plus, the thin stem helps keep your hands away from the cold glass - no more frozen fingers! The long shape also offers lots of surface area for bubbles to form, so you can really enjoy all the fizz in your gin drink.

The tall and slender highball glass is perfect for gin cocktails like a gin and tonic, gin fizz, or even a gin mule. With its long stem, it's also easy to hold onto when things get shaken up.

4. The Nick & Nora Glass

The Nick & Nora Glass

For something a bit more sophisticated than your standard martini glass, try out a Nick & Nora glass! With its modern shape and slim stem, this gin glass is perfect for gin cocktails that are served "up" (that's without ice).

These elegant glasses have a wide mouth and small bowl - perfect for sipping gin-based drinks like the gin martini or gin gimlet. Plus, with their modern style you can add some personality to your bar cart.

Perfectly sized for two shots of gin (or any other spirit), these small glasses are the perfect size for gin-based drinks like a gin martini or gin rickey.

5. The Copa Glass

The Copa Glass

Want to take your gin game to the next level? Get yourself a Copa glass! Similar to a coupe glass, this gin glass has a large bowl and stem, but is much bigger than your standard martini glass. That means you can fit more gin in it - the gin lover's ultimate dream!

These gin glasses are often used for gin and tonics, as they offer plenty of room for ice and garnishes like cucumber slices or juniper berries. Plus, the wide bowl lets your gin really breathe, so all those delicious gin aromas will be released when you take a sip.

So there you have it - five gin glasses that every gin enthusiast must own! From classic martini glasses to Copa glasses, each one is perfect for sipping all your favourite gin-based drinks or cocktails. Why not fill some of these glasses with our dazzling Christmas Gin Cocktail recipes

Happy gin drinking!

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