World Bee Day

World Bee Day

Here at The Secret Garden Distillery & Herb Nursery, the bee is at the heart of our brand, our principles and our whole ethos.  

Since arriving here in 2012, we have always had bees at the centre of everything we do from bee keeping courses, educating school children and harvesting our honey from our hives. 

However, most importantly, we farm specifically for their well being. To do this we don’t use any sort of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals nor have we ever. We keep wild corridors in our garden, where the grass isn’t obsessively cut and ‘weeds’ can prosper and grow because, although we are a distillery, café and shop, most importantly we are a Garden, one that is truly rooted in nature. 

As a Distillery and Herb Nursey we specialise in edible, medicinal herbs and flowers as well as native wild plants, all of which benefit nature. Our range of gins follow the same ethos and are a celebration of nature and all things wild.

We embrace these wild botanicals (weeds), such as the dandelion, not only for its beautiful sunny face that floods our lawns in Spring, but most importantly because it’s an early and critical source of pollen that is a life saver for the bees at this time of year. 

The nature that surrounds us all is a precious gift and one that we need to protect. Continuing to use chemicals in the way we do now, to rid the earth of it’s natural beauty, will continue to devastate our bee population. 

Let the bees buzz, the weeds grow and discover the magic of nature.