Introducing The Secret Garden Botanical Vodka

Introducing The Secret Garden Botanical Vodka

We recently launched our small batch ‘Wild Vodka’ exclusively in Harrods and we are excited to share that this is now available through the Secret Garden Distillery shop. This delicate spirit is lovingly crafted using 100% natural ingredients and celebrates all that is wild. Wild plants are our passion, we encourage them to grow freely in our Garden as they create natural habitats for wildlife and our colonies of honeybees.  

Wild Vodka is crafted with wild botanicals from our Distillery’s award-winning Secret Garden, featuring Wood Avens, Scots Lovage and other indigenous wild plants, as well as Elderberry and Lemon Balm. Our botanicals are hand harvested, dried naturally, and infused with a blend of Organic spirit to create this unique botanical vodka. Naturally herbaceous in fragrance with hints of citrus and a smooth complex flavour, our Wild Botanical vodka is best served with light tonic and a rosemary garnish. For a special twist, why not try our vodka cooler; pour our vodka over muddled limes, a dash of sugar syrup topped with light tonic and a rosemary sprig.  

The Secret Garden “Wild Vodka” also has a label made from 30% grass. This means that during the paper production process, energy consumption is reduced by 97%, water consumption by 99% and 20% less CO2 is produced. The security seal is also made from polylactic acid and completely biodegradable. 

Fancy giving it a try?  

Available exclusively in Harrods & The Secret Garden Distillery website follow the link below to purchase: