Christmas Present Quiz

Christmas Present Quiz

Some people are dreams to shop for, others…not so much! So, we thought we would give you a helping hand this festive season, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your loved one.

1)    First of all, what’s your budget? Is it for Secret Santa or for someone really special?

 A.    Under £15

 B.    Under £30

 C.     Under £50

 D.    Over £50


2)    Are they taking part in ‘Dry January’?

 A.    They say they are, but they won’t

 B.    Dry Jan all year round!

 C.     They haven’t mentioned it.

 D.    They probably don’t even know it exists.


3)    What describes them the most?

 A)    The sweetest person I’ve ever met.

 B)    The most sensible person I’ve ever met.

 C)    The most mysterious person I know.

 D)    The most caring person I know.


4)    If they were a character in a film, they would be…

 A)    Olaf from Frozen

 B)    John Watson from Sherlock Holmes

 C)    James Bond from, well… James Bond

 D)    Baloo from The Jungle Book


5)    I imagine this person's favourite food to be…

 A)    Literally anything sweet

 B)    A classic Lasagne

 C)    Haggis, neeps & tatties

 D)    Chocolate Ice Cream




Mostly A’s

20cl Pink Elderflower & Jasmine Gin - £14.95

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20cl Christmas Gin - £14.95

This is perfect for anyone that loves gin! It carries the strong flavours of Christmas perfectly balanced with juniper.


Mostly B’s

50cl Non-Alcoholic Spirit - £29.95

Brand new, this year, our non-alcoholic spirit delivers all the flavour of a Gin but without the ABV! The perfect gift for someone that is trying out Dry January this year!


Mostly C’s

Make Your Own Christmas Hamper - £45

The perfect gift for someone you cares about, even if they are hard to buy for you can guarantee our Christmas Hamper will make them smile, fill it with everything they love and make it completely bespoke for them.


Mostly D’s

Secret Garden Gin Club Subscription – From £75

The perfect gift to show someone how much you care, starting from a three-month subscription you can surprise your loved ones with a gift a month. Included in our subscription is a gin only available to our club members, the perfect mixer and garnishes picked straight from our gardens!