Secret Garden Gin Club

About Our Secret Garden Gin Club

All of our products are created using the imagination that comes with our deep knowledge and understanding of nature - which is why we have unlimited possibilities when creating our gin club gins.
Each month, we send our subscribers a seasonally specific gin created using botanicals that are relevant in any given month. For example, Rose in February or Tulips in March. 
Each month, our members receive a 20cl bottle of that month's gin, the perfect mixer, and a garnish which has been hand harvested from our garden. 
Our subscribers are also granted access to our exclusive Facebook group, where they can discover cocktails, tasting videos and more each month. 
We are also working to create member exclusive events and gifts that will be available throughout the year. 
You can subscribe to our gin club any day before the 25th of the month to receive the current box. Once you have received your first box (within 5-7 working days), your subscription will renew on the first of every month with your monthly box being delivered within that week. 
Our subscription club is available to anyone living in UK Mainland and all members receive free shipping! 
All our subscribers pay the same amount, no matter the length of your subscription, our gin club price stays the same - £25. We have done this because we want all of our members to be able to try our gins without the need to commit for a number of months.  
Our gin club can make a great and exciting present for anyone, therefore we have vouchers available with a variety of length of subscription to choose from. Once you have purchased a voucher, the recipient will receive their first box within a week. After which your payment card will be charged at the beginning of each month of the subscription voucher and then your membership will be automatically cancelled at the end of the voucher. So there is no need to worry about remembering to cancel!