Discover Our Gin Club - June's Box

Discover Our Gin Club - June's Box

Raspberry Ripple Gin

We always try to do something different each month for our Gin Club members, and this month we decided to do something REALLY different make a gin that tastes like raspberry ripple ice cream! This is the first of our small batch Summer themed editions, where we will be crafting three unique gins inspired by the scents and flavours of Summer. Three gins to match the three days of Summer we usually get in Edinburgh!

To create this wonderfully distinctive gin, we distilled raspberry and vanilla syrups along with carefully chosen gin botanicals including Pineapple Mint and Strawberry Mint to create a pure, clear distillate that gives all the flavours and aromas of raspberry ripple with none of the calories.

We then scoured the garden to find flowers that would give a vibrant, yet natural raspberry-like colour. The Distillery's Secret Garden never lets us down in this regard and delivered once more with purple hollyhock and snapdragon. Their petals were hand harvested and gently dried, then infused into the liquid for several days. Separately distilled raspberry syrup was blended through afterwards for a bit more raspberry oomph.

The resulting gin is a natural taste explosion that is reminiscent of an artisan ice cream, albeit an artisan ice cream at 46% ABV. Due to the current UK Flake shortage I'm afraid we couldn't bring you the full 99 experience; instead, we've included a garnish of Chocolate Mint from our garden.

Our home-grown botanicals offer a wide range of flavours for our beautiful Gins, and they can also be used for natural remedies: Mint contains Vitamins A and C and is good for digestion, snapdragons have anti-inflammatory properties and purple hollyhock has a soothing effect on a sore throat.

We hope you enjoy Raspberry Ripple Gin as much as we enjoyed crafting it. We believe this all natural Gin is the perfect way to usher in the Summer. Please enjoy responsibly and let us know what you think through the Secret Garden Hive.


Mark Boswell, Head Distiller.