Meet the Team - International Women's Day Edition

Meet the Team - International Women's Day Edition

“Where there is a woman, there is magic.”

We wanted to introduce you to the incredible women behind our brand, coming from different roles connected by two things Gin & Female empowerment. 

Co-Founder & Director of Bees

When did I start: Day-dot
My favourite gin: That’s very difficult to answer - All of them but if I have to chose Wild with a piece of Rosemary or Apothecary rose, decorated with edible flowers
My favourite plant: Another impossible question but I do love Hyssop, lemon verbena, apothecary rose and dandelions 
What a day a work looks like for me?: It’s very varied, but generally always starts with Hamish and I having coffee and chatting over the day ahead and general work issues, calls and emails, but in spring, summer and Autumn I can be found either potting on, moving furniture about and looking after our Bees 🐝 ohh and can’t forget currently home schooling!!! 

Social Media Coordinator & Tour Operator (hopefully soon!)

When did I start: August 2020
My favourite gin: Lavender & Echinacea on the rocks! I am a whisky girl at heart!
My favourite plant: Lemon verbena - smells like sherbet
What a day a work looks like for me?: Everyday is different for me- my day always starts with a coffee and browse over any new trends, social channel and algorithm changes before the morning meeting. From there I could either be gathering statistics on our recent social media posts, creating and editing content for the brand or organising our content and engagement planner- I am what they call a jack of all trades. I am also your point of contact if you comment on any of our posts or directly message us on our social platforms (now you can put a face to the name.) 


Marketing Manager

When did I start: October 2017 - the very beginning!
My favourite gin: Apothecary Rose - what's not to like!
My favourite plant: Jasmine, its just so pretty!
What a day a work looks like for me?: Back in the good old days, when we could actually see people, I would have a coffee with Hamish & Liberty and discuss the day ahead but unfortunately that's done over FaceTime now... I then move on to the website where I aim to enhance our customers experience then organise newsletters to be sent to our lovely subscribers, I also run our Gin Club so there is usually a large amount of admin that goes along with it. The great thing about working in a small company is every day is completely different so I couldn't really say what my day usually looks like, but these are things I do very often! 

Head Harvester 

When did I start: I started in March 2018 when there were only four of us!
My favourite gin: 
I love our Lemon Verbena, and our Christmas gin !! Both so tasty.
My favourite plant: A year ago I would have said Lemon Verbena, but I think it’s changed to Mugwort! Such an unassuming plant that people see as a weed but it has so many wonderful healing qualities- a cup of mugwort tea picked fresh from the garden was my saving grace last year!
What a day a work looks like for me?: 
I start my day off by having a walk round the garden and making a list of things that are ready to harvest. After that I start to work my way down the list, harvesting the plants and then putting them into the drying room so they’re then ready to be boxed up and stored in our Gin Lounge. When everything is open and we have customers in the garden, I get to give plant advice and ring through sales from my little shop, a welcome bit of human interaction!

Office Manager  

When did I start: February 2020
My favourite gin: 
Non Alcoholic
My favourite plant: 
What a day a work looks like for me?:
I spend a lot of time doing sales admin, HR, and HMRC,  customer orders and currently working on organic accreditation for the garden, that’s a whole new challenge! Lots of variety, lots of cups of tea and a good team to work with.


Finance Manager 

When did I start: Sept 19
My favourite gin: Wild!
My favourite plant: Tulip but I'm not sure is that is a plant or a flower? Gardening isn't my specialty!
What a day a work looks like for me?: I spend my days wrapped up in all things related to finance and payroll.



KAREN DOBIE-LAWSONMarketing Consultant

When did I start: Feb 2021 - Newest member of the team! 
My favourite gin: Lemon Verbena - love a citrus gin.
My favourite plant: 
Love colour in the garden so have lots of Phlox as they are colourful and pet friendly
What a day a work looks like for me?: 
No day is ever the same. Legals on labels and copy writing. Next day talking PR and digital, followed by NPD development planning. Always exciting and always different.

We are interested in who you look up to and are inspired by, let us know in the comments who your female role model is and why?  Famous or not, past or present, whoever! Let us know about the incredible women in your lives!