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Lemon & Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser

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This bacteria removing hand cleanser uses organic Chamomile Distilled Water which has been used for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant qualities but its aroma is key in helping to calm nerves and reduce anxiety Added to this is a blend of essential oils containing; Tea Tree, a well known antibacterial and antiseptic, Pine oil to add more antimicrobial properties and to deliver a beautiful resinous scent plus the Lemon essential oil which makes for a super clean, fresh aroma which can relive stress and elevate the mood. This marriage of organic essential oils and distilled waters combine together to create and nourishing and aromatic hand cleaner. 

Hand Harvested Gin | Natural Gin

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Each of our gins are created using botancials that we grow in our very own Secret Herb Garden. Every bottle contains specially chosen botanicals, utilising the plants essence to magically create unique tasting gin full of natural flavours and aromas with no preservatives, sugars, colourings or flavourings.

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Such an attractive bottle, great flavours in the gin and it made a really lovely gift... It was also dispatched very quickly.


Excellent purchase, will definitely buy again. Customer service was great they answered all my questions and went the extra mile for my friends birthday.

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