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For September 2021 Gin Club we decided to celebrate a classic summer cocktail, the Mojito. Classy and refreshing: it feels like a perfect fit for the Secret Garden Distillery, and our short Scottish summer. To make it, we took two types of mint: Mojito mint (also known as Hemingway’s mint) and Spearmint, and distilled them along with fresh lime leaves and juniper to create a delicious refreshing gin.

The origins of the mojito cocktail are subject to debate, with some noting the similarities with a 16th century cocktail made of roughly distilled sugar cane spirit and flavoured with mint and lime called El Draque which is attributed to Francis Drake (who was pretty much a pirate) and regarded as the first cocktail ever invented. Another theory goes that it was created in the Cuban sugar fields in the 19th century. By far the most enduring origin story though is that it was invented in Havana’s La Bodeguita del Medio in 1942 and made popular by legendary drinker, writer, and all-round rogue Ernest Hemingway. Since the Hemingway’s Mint we use in this gin, Mentha nemorosa, is named after him then I guess we’ll go with that one.

The Mojito gin is perfectly delicious as a standard Gin & Tonic but if you feel like having some fun with it (and why wouldn’t you) then serve in a highball with gomme syrup, limes, mint garnish, and soda for a Southside Cocktail. Better still, for a special twist, substitute the soda for Champagne for a Southside Royale.
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Such an attractive bottle, great flavours in the gin and it made a really lovely gift... It was also dispatched very quickly.


Excellent purchase, will definitely buy again. Customer service was great they answered all my questions and went the extra mile for my friends birthday.